उपलब्ध सुविधा व उपचार पद्धती

१) राहण्याची व्यवस्था
२) चहा / नाश्ता / जेवण (शुद्ध शाकाहारी)
३) योगा / प्राणायाम / विपश्यना / व्यक्तिमत्व विकास / सुदर्शन क्रिया / राजयोग मनशांति आदी उपक्रम .
४) आयुर्वेदिक उपचार
५) आध्यात्मिक विकास शिबिर
६) संमोहनाद्वारे मानसिक उपचार
७) शारीरिक व मानसिक उपचार
८) वैयक्तिक / कौटुम्बिक समुपदेशन
९) आल्कोहॉलीक अँनोनिमस (AA) कार्यक्रम (Group Meeting)
१०)व्यसनमुक्त व्यक्तींचे अनुभवी मार्गदर्शन .

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At Aatma Mandir, our mission is to enhance the lives of individuals affected by drug and alcohol addiction, guiding them towards a recovery-oriented lifestyle. We’re concerned about life after de-addiction and provide a comprehensive aftercare plan. It includes recommendations and resources that help patients to avoid relapse and continue enjoying a sober life.
Recovering from addiction can be one of the hardest steps in an addict’s life. and then go by the series of rigorous steps of alcohol addiction treatment, life after recovery poses another set of challenges. To stay committed to a sober lifestyle, here are some of the valuable tips from individuals who have successfully recovered from alcohol addiction and lead a happy and healthy life.